Simply Click on one of the helpful videos below and let Essex help you with some TRID training.

Loan Estimate – Webinar

The Loan Estimate video helps you to understand the concept of the Loan Estimate, when a Loan Estimate needs to be prepared, the Loan Estimate Requirements, the Essex Mortgage Process, along with an example for review, plus more. This Webinar also explains the SettlementService Provider List, along with the Intent To Proceed requirements.

Timing Requirements – Webinar

Review this webinar to better understand the new Timing Requirements that are implemented with this new law. It will help you to become familiar with the definitions of business days and postal business days, methods of sending and receiving the Loan Estimate, who must receive the Disclosures, along with other pertinent information regarding the Loan Estimate timing requirements.

• CountDown-To-TILA-RESPA1.pdf

View this slideshow to gain knowledge regarding the TILA-RESPA Integrated Discolsure Rule. Some of the information in this slide related to the Mortgage Brokers  and Disclosures, Pre-Application, Application, Fees, Timing, and much more.

EllieMae Users

On your Encompass Home screen, click Resource Center and visit their RESPA-TILA section. EllieMar has numerous links to training and webinars displaying how to complete the Loan Estimate in the Encompass System.

Calyx Point Users

Visit for more information on how to complete the Loan Estimate in the Point System.